Power in design and machining

The Best Wire EDM CAM perfectly integrated with Solidworks

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Image FikusWorks

Fikus Visualcam 18

A step forward in productivity and handling

New algorithm for an enhanced toolpath calculation and automatic feature recognition

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Image Fikus versión 18

Fikus 3dcad

3D Modelling has never been easier

A flexible, intuitive and powerful tool to create, edit and repair complex geometries

Image Fikus 3dcad
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Agreement Metalcam-ONA

Acuerdo OEM Metalcam-ONA Electroerosión

Agreement with SpaceClaim

Acuerdo OEM para integrar Fikus Visualcam con SpaceClaim

Agreement with AgieCharmilles

AC CAM Easy, específico para las máquinas Agie Charmilles

Feature Recognition image

Fikus Hilo ahora con Automatic Feature Recognition

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