Automatic drill wizards in Fikus Visualcam

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Automatic drill wizards in Fikus Visualcam

The Drill Wizard is an application with shape recognition for drilling programming, integrated in Fikus Visualcam. The Drill Wizard supports machining from 2 and 3 axes, significantly reducing in more than 80% the time required for programming.

The Drill Wizard allows you to work from both wireline and surface models, allowing you to use its full potential regardless of your usual way of working.

The drill wizard form show the drill families detection results, allowing user to aply the right machining strategy

wizard form

Drill Wizard

This application allows you to recognize and sort hundreds of drills in just a few seconds, automatically assigning the appropriate drill sequence for each type of hole. There are unique capabilities in recognizing the hole shape before drilling for better allocating the most appropriate drilling sequence, resulting in unprecedented time savings and user error elimination.

Unlike other systems that offer a set of predefined sequences, Fikus drilling templates are customizable, offering to the user a friendly interface to define any sequence in a moment. The sequences defined by the user are automatically saved in the system for future use in similar drills and therefore improving efficiency and avoiding wasting programming hours.

Automatic detection of drill types and automatic plate machining

Automatic detection

Common uses

The Automatic Drill Wizard is aimed to meet the needs of many users:

  • Plate machining.- In molds (and of course dies), the plates require many holes, in different directions. A typical plate of a complex mold has a significant number of holes that must be drilled.
  • 3 + 2 axis manufacturing.- Drilling all of a part in 3 + 2 axes can be a very complex job and waste a lot of time without proper automation. With the 3 + 2 axis capabilities of the Drill Wizard, each hole will have its own orientation (for example holes drilled around a cylinder or taper).
  • 2/3 axis manufacturing.- Prismatic parts can be produced with selection manufacturing techniques containing a large number of holes in multiple directions.

Drill wizard

Drill wizard

Drill Wizard Advantages

The function of the Fikus Drill Wizard can be considered as the best drilling application, fully integrated likewise any other Fikus Visualcam process for either 2, 3 or 3 + 2 axes.

Some advantages included in the Drill Wizard are:

  • Automatic recognition of hundreds of Drills, with complex shapes, in seconds, either in one direction (3-axis drill) or in all directions (3 + 2-axis drill).
  • Automatically sorts drills into groups according to shape, with full user control if necessary.
  • Automatic allocation of drilling sequences to holes, of course with complete user control.
  • Smart drilling templates, in which the system continuously learns from the drilling sequences associated with each type of hole. In subsequent parts, similar holes will be recognized and machined with the previously assigned machining sequences. In this way, while we carry out the different machining operations, we are "teaching" the system the user's working method.
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Drill wizard

Drill wizard

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