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logoFikus ST 23.1, accelerates shop floor programming and automates processes

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FikusWorks 24, more productive with faster programming and manufacturing speed

October 2023

FikusWorks 24 offers new levels of flexibility and productivity and maximum efficiency machining repeated geometries

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FikusPlus 24, up to 4 axes in milling and all the productivity of 6 axes in wire EDM

September 2023

FikusPlus 24 suppose a new standard in productivity and flexibility, incorporating continuous 4-axis machining

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Fikus ST

New Fikus ST 23, advancing shop floor automation and productivity

February 2023

Fikus ST 23, a step forward in the automation of production processes in the workshop, increasing the productivity and profitability of shop floors.

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Fikus Visualcam debuts at the IMTS show in Chicago

September 2022

Fikus Visualcam debuts at the IMTS show in Chicago, North America's premier manufacturing technology show, North America's premier manufacturing technology trade show, from which to present the latest CAD/CAM innovations to American industry.

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FikusWorks 22

FikusWorks 22 automates wire EDM programming

July 2022

FikusWorks 22 offers users greater versatility for the automation of wire EDM CAM processes, improving the workflow and allowing new levels of productivity to be achieved.

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FikusPlus 22

FikusPlus 22 with improved versatility

July 2022

FikusPlus 22 bursts onto the market with maximum versatility thanks to new and improved functionalities such as positioned 5-axis milling, Spin & Burn on thread, nesting and more CAD power.

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FikusSt 20

New Fikus ST 20, the CAD/CAM designed for you

March 2021

Metalcam launches FikusSt 20, the CAD/CAM specially developed to increase the shop floor productivity, with all the functionalities, speed and agility.

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30 Anniversary

Fikus Visualcam celebrates 30 years on the market

February 2021

Metalcam has celebrated 30 years of activity innovating for industry that has been rewarded by the recognition of its wire EDM solution as a world benchmark in this technology.

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FikusPlus 20: Powerful, advanced and efficient

November 2020

The new FikusPlus20 is a faster, more powerful, more reliable and more efficient CAD/CAM solution for milling and wire EDM. Now also available for 2D milling.

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FikusWorks 20: Faster, more reliable and efficient

July 2020

The new version of FikusWorks incorporates multiple improvements and new features to provide users faster, more reliable and efficient wire EDM CAM.

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Metalcam in the context of the Covid-19 crisis

April 2020

It continues its activity following the established indications to continue offering a high quality service to all our customers and partners.

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He Ying

Metalcam enhaces its offices in China

January 2020

He Ying joins Metalcam as Country Manager reinforcing its offices in China, division that has experienced a remarkable growth in recent years.

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Metalcam innovadora

Metalcam, innovative company

September 2019

Metalcam has been officially recognized by the Ministry of Science, Innovation and Universities as a member of the select group of Spanish innovative companies.

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Innovations and improvements in Fikus ST 19

March 2019

Fikus Visualcam presents FikusSt 19: faster, more reliable, more capabilities and functionalities.

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Maria Jesus Gil

María Jesús Gil appointed General Manager

December 2018

María Jesús Gil has been appointed General Manager of the group Cimatech-Metalcam with innovation as the guiding line of the group's work.

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Feature FikusPlus

FikusPlus launching

October 2017

The fastest CAD/CAM solution in market to manage 3D jobs from editing to production.

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