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How to modify the machining report once it has been generated

Fikus automatically generates the machining report and presents it in the default WEB browser. But in said explorer the data cannot be modified. We present here how to change the viewer program to EXCEL or WORD in order to modify the data or the format.

To be able to do this, it is only necessary to modify the files that tell us with which program the report is opened. The files to be modified can be found in the following directory:

C: \ Documents and settings \ "User name" \ Application data \ MetalCAM \ Fikus \ cfg

Depending on the technology you are using, the file to be edited will have the following name:

  • InfoWire.ini -> Wire EDM
  • InfoMill.ini -> Mill
  • InfoLathe.ini -> Lathe

To indicate which program will open the report, we must search in the desired file of those indicated above for the following line:

Navigator=IEXPLORE.EXE and replace it with Navigator=WINWORD.EXE if we want it to be opened with WORD, or by Navigator=EXCEL.EXE if we want to open it with EXCEL.

Once these modifications have been made, when executing the report from Fikus, from the Report icon in the CAM bar, instead of opening the Windows Explorer, the editor that we have chosen will open, Word or Excel, and thus we can edit the report or the data to our liking.

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