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How to avoid machining unwanted areas or elements such as flanges

This tip proposes the user to define geometries that are not machinable to create the flanges that we place on our part.

Some versions ago, a function requested by customers has been introduced in Fikus to be able to select a geometry or limits that are not machinable and therefore are avoided by the machining tools and paths.

This function is known by the name of CHECK PUNCHES or non-machinable punch, located in the selection menu of 2D Contours, when selecting the corresponding icon, a geometry will be created that when performing any machining calculation when selecting it as a group.

It will automatically be avoided by the tool and the machining paths.

The clearest graphic example to illustrate this function is a plate placed on the bed of the milling machine and since it cannot be placed in a clamp, it is flanged directly to the bed, drawing and selecting as punches Check the flange and placed in the same position as in The milling machine will avoid the need to worry about whether the machined tool will catch the flange when selecting the check punch, while the rest of the part will be machined correctly, without "eating" the flange.

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