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March 2021
FikusSt 20

New FikusSt 20, developed for your shop floor, designed for you

Metalcam launches the new version of FikusSt, the CAD/CAM software specially developed for the workshop, which offers industry all the functionalities, speed and agility to access new business possibilities and reach new levels of productivity.

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February 2021

Fikus Visualcam celebrates 30 years on the market

Metalcam has celebrated 30 years of activity innovating for industry that has been rewarded by the recognition of its wire EDM solution as a world benchmark in this technology.

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November 2020

FikusPlus 20: Powerful, advanced and efficient

The new FikusPlus20 is a faster, more powerful, more reliable and more efficient CAD/CAM solution for milling and wire EDM. Now also available for 2D milling.

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July 2020

FikusWorks 20: Faster, more reliable and efficient

The new version of FikusWorks incorporates multiple improvements and new features to provide users faster, more reliable and efficient wire EDM CAM.

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April 2020

Metalcam in the context of the Covid-19 crisis

It continues its activity following the established indications to continue offering a high quality service to all our customers and partners.

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Jan 2020
He Ying

Metalcam enhaces its offices in China

He Ying joins Metalcam as Country Manager reinforcing its offices in China, division that has experienced a remarkable growth in recent years.

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Sep 2019
Metalcam innovative

Metalcam, innovative company

Metalcam has been officially recognized by the Ministry of Science, Innovation and Universities as a member of the select group of Spanish innovative companies.

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March 2019

Novelties and improvements in 19

Faster, more reliable, more capabilities and functionalities

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December 2018
Imagen Maria Jesus Gil

María Jesús Gil appointed General Manager

María Jesús Gil has been appointed General Manager of the group Cimatech-Metalcam with innovation as the guiding line of the group's work.

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October 2017

FikusPlus launching

The fastest CAD/CAM solution in market to manage 3D jobs from editing to production.

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Jan 2016

Fikus Visualcam 3dcad 2016

Fikus Visualcam 3dcad is the fastets platform for working with geometry, whether to design a part, prepare a model for downstream jobs, or reverse engineer an STL file.

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Jan 2016
Imagen aniversario

Metalcam celebrates 25 years

Metalcam celebrates its 25th anniversary since its foundation in 1991 with the development of a cad/cam system for milling technology.

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May 2015
Feature Recognition

Fikus wire EDM now includes Automatic Feature Recognition

Fikus fo wire EDM includes now Automatic Feature Recognition function; when creating the new tool path for the machine, Fikus is able to automatically recognize all the features that can be cut.

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September 2014
Agreement SpaceClaim

Metalcam announces Fikus 3dcad, based on an OEM agreement with SpaceClaim

Metalcam today announced Fikus 3dcad, based on an OEM agreement to integrate Fikus Visualcam with SpaceClaim, the fast and intuitive 3D modelling software for engineers.

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September 2014
Fikus 18

Fikus visualcam 18: Step foward in usability and productivity

Metalcam implements a new Fikus visualcam version to consolidate this CAD/CAM solution for workshop floor in a World reference position, improving all the functionalities to become, everyday faster, easier to use and more efficient.

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March 2014

FikusWorks: the Fikus wire EDM CAM solution integrated into SolidWorks

Fikusworks offers all the excellent Fikus CAM solutions for wire EDM completely integrated in the SolidWorks environment.

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December 2013
Edificio Wuxi

Fikus Visualcam in training Schools

Fikus Visualcam increase, day by day, its presence in international CAD/CAM market and professional schools need to implement training courses supporting the successfully Metalcam solution.

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August 2013
Fikus Visualcam

Fikus Visualcam in the automotive industry

Ford UK has recently become a new customer of Fikus Visualcam in the automotive industry, one of the most competitive and with highest demands of quality and productivity of the industrial sector.

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