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We know that technical support is a very important part of the Fikus Visualcam solutions and, like our solutions, it is a quality, efficient, productive, agile and user-friendly service.

Our technical support is an additional guarantee that with Fikus you will always have the CAD/CAM solution that gives you competitive advantages.

Efficient, agile and close Technical Support

The best way to get technical support is to contact your local distributor. All our distributors are committed to quality technical support.

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International Support Group always accessible

You can also request support from our International Support Group by sending your request through the form.

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Remote Support: efficient online technical support

A very agile and efficient tool to solve eventual problems is the remote support, with which we can tackle almost any problem online in a fast and efficient way.

TeamViewer program download

Download here the “TeamViewer” for your Remote Support.

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Fikus Visualcam FAQS

Find here the answers to the most frequently asked questions about Fikus products and their maintenance.


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Know more about Fikus solutions with our technical articles.

Technical Articles

Discover how to work more efficiently with Fikus in our Tips section.

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