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We know that our technical support is one of our most appreciated services, matching our software quality and reliability. It is, very much like our software solutions, friendly and agile, offering quality, efficiency and productivity.

We feel responsibility towards our customers, and believe that by providing a good technical support we can help them to become more productive and achieve competitive advantages.

From our Technical Support page you can ask for support to our International Support Group.

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The best way to achieve an efficient technical support is contacting your local distributor.

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You can also ask for support to our International Support Group by sending your request.

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Remote Support

Download here the “Mikogo Connection Program”.

After downloading the application. Click on mikogo-starter.exe and wait until the Mikogo menu appears. It can take some minutes.

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You will need an ID to access to the session. Our technical support will provide it.

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Fikus Visualcam FAQS

Find here the answers to the most frequently asked questions about Fikus products and their maintenance.


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Know more about Fikus solutions with our technical articles.

Technical Articles

Discover how to work more efficiently with Fikus in our Tips section.

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Product videos

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You will find in this section tutorial videos about our products that will allow you to discover innovative functions and relevant issues about Fikus solutions for the different machining technologies.

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