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Destructive method in wire EDM
july 2023

Advantages of adaptive roughing

Adaptive roughing is an advanced machining technique used to achieve high-performance machining

Destructive method in wire EDM
may 2023

The destructive method in wire EDM

The destructive method is a cutting process that creates the final shape of the part by means of paths that leave no material uneroded

intelligent machining
march 2023

Smart machining, towards full machining automation

Intelligent machining represents a revolution in machining shop production automation; a step towards complete machining automation

wire EDM productivity
november 2022

The wire EDM CAM keys to improve quality and productivity

Discover how a good wire EDM CAM contributes to improve the quality and productivity of your machine tools in your shop floor

5X milling
october 2022

Fikus at the IMTS show in Chicago

Metalcam presented FikusPlus and FikusSt innovations at the IMTS show in Chicago, North America's leading manufacturing technology trade show

5X milling
september 2022

The competitive advantage of FikusPlus 22 5-axis milling

The 5-axis positioned milling included in FikusPlus 22, give the users a competitive advantage over traditional 3-axis machining

Integrar electroerosión por hilo
july 2022

Why should you add wire EDM to your shop floor?

Operational flexibility, immediacy, job accuracy and cost-effectiveness are of the many reasons to add wire EDM to the shop floor

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