Fikus for Lathe

CAM Solution for CNC Turning Centers

Complete 2 axis turning module that optimizes production time

Fikus Visualcam for Lathe 2D offers a flexible and productive solution for programming CNC lathes. It has been specially developed to program automatically or semi-automatically, all the lathe parts machining process including all the technological operations: facing, threading, drilling, and more.

It can be difficult to learn and properly program a lathe machine and it is a double when you have different machines; but with Fikus Visualcam you will have control of all your machines from a single position and any engineer would be capable to control any machine you may have got.

User interface

User interface

Logic and intuitive user interface, easy to learn and use

Roughing process

Roughing process

Powerful, easy-to-use CAD/CAM solution to speed up product development, reduce manufacturing costs, and improve product quality and reliability across a wide range of industries and applications.

It’s not an easy thing to import CAD data files when it comes to 3d parts. Fikus Visualcam integrates a powerful CAD, designed to fit the CAM user’s needs, which can manage complex 3d files.

Automatic Machining

From Traditional Turning machining to Automated programming

With powerful CAD functions to create and edit the geometry as a wireframe geometry, contour extraction and surface manipulation, gear creation or texts and geometry dimensioning.

The CAM manager guides the user through the logical process of part machining, from the geometric definition to the creation, calculation and post-processing of CNC's programs. Fikus will generate the machine optimal cutting strategy for your specific machine and job.

The machining simulation would offer a realistic visual representation of the machining process and the final part can be zoomed or rotated at any given moment.

Lathe advanced machining possibilities

Fikus Visualcam optimized toolpath considers the remaining stock to calculate the best toolpath entry/exit, therefore avoiding air-cutting and both reducing program lines and machine over-functioning.

You can control every aspect of machine movement; From where you initially position the tool and finish machining to clearances and Z and X stock allowances, canned cycles, pre-programmed machining cycles.

Advanced machining cycles such as facing, internal/external turning, slotting & grooving, zigzag grooving, drilling, threading, profiling, many possibilities to cover all your machining needs.

Wizard for processes

Wizard to automatically generate processes

Efficient and productive

Realistic simulation

Realistic simulation

Reduces the preparation time for complex machining processes

Save your cutting strategy as a Multi process and use it for other similar parts! You will save a lot of time and you will be using a proven and customized strategy.

Optimizes production time avoiding mistakes

The Machining Wizard for lathe analyzes the part geometry automatically detecting all its features. The machining strategy and all its processes are defined, applied and calculated without user intervention.

Tool table

The lathe tools table allows creating tool holder and the inserts from their ISO-code, and defining the cut and feed parameters depending on the machine and material to be machined.

You will have complete control of tooling definition, from standard boring bars to complex customized tools.

Machine Control

Calculate and simulate

Allow Fikus Visualcam to make all the calculations simulate the machining process in the computer. Fikus shows the part, the remaining material and the tool as animated solids.

Finally, you can generate your machining program by using the Fikus Visualcam post-processor specific for your machine. You can now verify the program with the Fikus CNC Editor and send it directly to your machine.

Fikus Visualcam’s postprocessors are optimized to use the same language and all the possibilities of your machine’s sub-routines, canned cycles, etc. Hence, programs are much more PRECISE, READABLE AND EDITABLE. Fikus Visualcam’s G-code optimization avoids overheating your machine.

Shop floor Report

Fikus Visualcam can generate a customizable machining report according to your preferences with all the relevant data included: customer data, used tools, machining time, cost, and more...

Shop floor report

Shop floor report


Available product configuration


FikusSt is the Metalcam`s recognized software for the shop floor. A productive, versatile and easy to use CAD/CAM software that gets the maximum performance from your tool-machines due to machining assistants and dedicated postprocessors of most of machines in market.

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CAD/CAM software for the shop floor, versatile, productive and easy to use

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