Fikus Technologies

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Efficient and productive CAD/CAM to program your machines

Fikus 3dcad


Complete 3D CAD solution, flexible and easy to use

  • State-of-the-Art direct modeling
  • Creation and handling of solids and surfaces
  • Parameters without constraints
  • Flexible assembly structure
  • Operative in any context
  • Fast, versatile sheet metal

Fikus Wire EDM


Fikus for wire EDM is a leader solution

  • Powerful integrated CAD
  • Wizards to generate your machine programs just in seconds
  • Define common operations easily and interactively
  • Cutting strategies templates that will reduce future time
  • Specific tables for most of the machines in market

Fikus Milling


Efficiency and productivity in NC milling programing

  • Complete solution for 2D, 2.5D or 3D NC milling
  • Improve machining quality and safe and reduce producing time
  • Automatic machining reduces preparation time
  • Machining strategies can be stored in a multi-processes template
  • Surface Machining Module to machine complex 3D surfaces

Fikus Lathe


Complete solution that optimizes production time

  • Logic and intuitive user interface, easy to learn and use
  • Powerful 2D CAD that simplifies the geometry creation and part definition
  • Reduces the preparation time for complex machining processes
  • Optimizes production time avoiding mistakes
  • Complete solution for 2D lathe

Fikus Millturn


A flexible and functional solution for today's toolmaker

  • Reduce working hours drastically
  • Simplifies the geometry design and the part definition
  • Automatic processes to improve productivity
  • Highly productive solution for complex millturn
  • Complete solution for machining complex parts

Fikus 2D cutting & routing


Flexible and complete solution for NC cutting and routing programming

  • Complete solution - From part design to the creation of the cutting program
  • Powerful 2D CAD - Simplifies the geometry design and the part definition
  • Advanced functions - Reduce time-to-market, specially for complex jobs
  • Specific functions - All the advanced functions for any technology are available in Fikus

Different Fikus product configurations to match your needs

You can find your Fikus solution in several different product configurations to match your needs. From an agile and productive CAD/CAM software for the shop floor, to a software platform designed for production including the fastest and versatile 3D solids CAD and the best production CAM.

Fikus also offers FikusWorks, the best wire EDM CAM completely integrated in SolidWorks.

Look forward what Fikus product solve better your needs


CAD/CAM software for the shop floor, versatile, productive and easy to use

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The best wire EDM or Milling CAM integrated with the best 3D CAD

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The best wire EDM CAM software competelly integrated in SolidWorks

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The best wire EDM CAD/CAM designed to optimize GFMS machines performances

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