Improve quality and productivity of your wire EDM machines

How a good CAM helps to improve the quality and productivity of your wire EDM machines

A wire EDM CAM solution should help minimize programming time and reduce errors, while helping to improve efficiency and ensure quality.

Therefore, a very important aspect is that the solutions include some kind of wizards and templates to automate the programming and help us to program this complex technology with quality guarantees; some of the most common parameters to be defined in the cutting sequence are the material and the height of the part, the type and diameter of the wire, the cutting conditions or the definition of the remnant. From here, our CAM solution should be able to automatically program our machining efficiently.

The possibility of having customizable templates where to store efficient cutting strategies already tested and adapted to our preferences for certain types of parts that, in successive occasions, we can use to program similar parts will allow us to perform quality work saving time, avoiding errors and with the ability to easily implement improvements in our processes in our CAM system.

An important feature that an advanced wire EDM CAM must offer is the ability to perform unattended operations.

Wire-cutting processes are usually quite time-consuming and the machine, with proper programming, can run unattended. Options for grouping jobs and optimizing cutting sequences allow for after-hours scheduling. Therefore, selecting an advanced wire EDM CAM that allows job grouping and sequencing is critical to improving shop floor productivity.

A CAM solution with the right configuration of the machine parameters can improve the efficiency of your shop floor by getting the most out of each machine. Therefore, there are some technical features to consider.

Dedicated wizards for the different machines

Dedicated wizards for the different machines

With phases-geo-geo-phases, jobs can be scheduled without operator supervision

phases-geo-geo-phases function

Specialized thread solution, with dedicated prosprocessors

Working with the same machine database is critical to ensure that the machining process will be of the same quality as programmed with the wire EDM CAM software.

Your CAM system must generate a file that is perfectly compatible with your machine tool, so that it automatically executes all programmed processes. For this, it is essential that you have specific postprocessors for the different machines, such as Fikus solutions, with postprocessors for all the main wire EDM machines on the market.

It is essential that the machine file generated by the CAM software contains all the necessary geometrical and technological data without the need for any additional manual adjustments. Making manual changes is time-consuming, time-consuming for a skilled technician and can lead to unforeseen errors.

To improve the quality and productivity of your wire EDM machines, it is crucial to have CAM software specialized in this complex machining technology and not more or less successful adaptations of solutions developed for other cutting technologies.

The most prestigious wire EDM solutions on the market are those of Fikus Visualcam, both FikuPlus, with an intuitive and fast 3D solid CAD, and the traditional FikuSt, developed to offer an agile and complete solution for the workshop, offering the machinist all the advanced features that will improve the productivity of the workshop.

Advantages of a good wire EDM CAM

Advantages of a good wire EDM CAM

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