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Fikus ST 19

logoNew functionalities related to the rotary axis and Feature Recognition for 2.5D milling

Innovations and improvements in Fikus ST 19

Faster, more reliable, more capabilities and functionalities

Metalcam launches to the market the new version of Fikus ST that incorporates multiple improvements and new features to provide users faster, more robust, and extended capabilities and functionalities that put at their service the latest market developments in work processes and allow them to access new business opportunities and reach new levels of productivity.

More agility of use

Many of the improvements and novelties introduced in the interface are aimed at increasing the speed of work, with an improved system of graphics and new icons that save steps for the completion of work.

New icons and new distributions to speed up work

The new features and improvements introduced with this release of Fikus ST affect the entire process, from budget, through design, to final production, and in all technologies.

More agile with new functions regrouped in a more efficient way

More agile with new functions

New graphical environment

The most visible of the new features of Fikus 19th release is its graphic environment, completely renewed, clearer and more modern, with a new distribution of functions and new CAM icons, among which the new circular menu stands out, which improves the agility of access to the different functions by means of floating submenus.

The graphical environment of the different technologies also incorporates new icons and new distributions to speed up the work, as in the advanced 3D milling parameters, with related menus.

The graphics system has been improved for faster user interaction, such as optimizing scene regeneration when switching from one node to another in CAM.

Also the technological wizards in wire EDM have received multiple improvements and new functionalities to speed up the work, such as the possibility of jumping between different steps within the list, or more flexibility in stops for multi-geometry and many other specific for each machine.

Detail of the new graphic environment

Graphic environment

Higher calculation speed

The performance improvements of Fikus ST are determined by the optimization of the calculation processes that make more efficient use of the hardware capacities achieving a higher calculation speed without saturating the processor capacities.

Fikus 19 has improved several processes for reduce calculation time to only 25% average

It has increased the speed of calculation of processes and the level of automation of many jobs, improving the management by the system of several processes to reduce the calculation time to only 25% on average over the previous version. Thus, Fikus 18.1 needed 30 seconds to prepare surfaces each time it was calculated and the new version only takes 7.2 seconds the first time and nothing the following times.

The calculation process and the speed in the wire CAM have also been optimised for geometries with transformations or the simulator starting time has been reduced to less than half the first time and almost instantaneous the following times.

Simulator startup is now 60% faster the first time and more than 90% the following times

Machining simulation is one of the processes where optimization of calculation processes is most evident, with features such as "automatic refinement" that takes advantage of inactive processor moments to improve image quality and sharpness without saturating resources. Thanks to the improvements introduced, Fikus ST 19 offers a simulation with a faster start, up to 60% the first time and more than 90% the following times.

Higher calculation speed in each process

Higher calculation speed

Simulation is now much faster

Faster Simulation

New features and capabilities

Some of the new features not only improve the usability of Fikus, but also provide the system with new capabilities that allow its users to access new business opportunities, such as the new "multi-origin/multi-zero" functions in milling and wire technologies, which allow working with different machine references for one or more parts.

The most advanced functionalities in wire EDM

The Technological Points have been improved with the definition of the position with delta, number of automatic points or elimination per window. The speed has also been improved for geometries with transformations and a function has been implemented to copy geometries from one path to another, even if it is for another machine. Also noteworthy in this technology are the new options for joining zones in destruction processes or the optimization of wires and cuts.

Fikus ST 19 incorporates new capabilities that improve accuracy and reduce manufacturing costs

Are remarkable the new EDM functionalities related to the rotary axis, such as Turn & Burn Indexed, Spin & Burn or Turn While Burn, which reduce the preparation time for machining and allow geometries to be machined from parts that were previously impossible to manufacture with wire EM technology. These functions provide, compared to similar lathe operations, high precision and the elimination of stress on the part, allowing high quality work.

Many and important improvements in wire EDM

Wire toolpath

Significant improvements in mill machining

The implementation of the Automatic Recognition of zones to be machined for 2.5D Milling, the improvement of the preparation time of the calculation processes, the calculation of the improved path that offers more efficient trajectories and with fewer jumps, or the new high speed options in 2D and 3D Adaptive Roughing are novelties that contribute to increasing the speed of the new Fikus ST and raise productivity.

Fikus ST 19 incorporates Characteristics Recognition for 2.5D Milling

Other novelties such as the new finishing options, the new option for making trochoidal slots, the implementation of limiting contours as a new specific type for 3D milling or taking into account the previous material for the calculation of all 3D processes improve the options available to the user.

Automatic Recognition of zones to be machined in 2.5D Milling

Feature Recognition

More reliable lathe machining

Among the improvements introduced around the path conflicts detection using cycles G41 and G42, the new option to complete slotting zones, the new views ZX Lathe Posterior or the new templates of the lathe wizards.

The lathe and milling enhancements together in combined cycle

Improvements in lathe reliability and all the improvements and novelties in milling machining come together to revolutionize the capabilities and productivity of Fikus ST 19 for combined cycle machines.

The improvements in lathe are added to those of milling in Fikus ST for combined cycle machines

Machining manager

The best use of new technologies

Fikus ST incorporates a set of new technologies to achieve more work agility, higher calculation speed or new and more productive functions, such as, for example, a more efficient use of hardware capabilities, or 64-bit calculation.

Version 19 also launches Fikus Cloud, a space in the cloud that takes advantage of the capabilities of the Internet to provide a new online system for managing Fikus solutions: releases, upgrade licenses, post-processors, backups or personalized information.

The new Fikus Cloud tool for the online management of Fikus solutions

The new Fikus Cloud tool

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