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Working efficiently with Fikus Wire EDM

How to obtain a part with an offset or oversized of the original geometry in Wire EDM?

We need to cut with EDM wire a piece a little bigger than the original geometry. How can we do it without having to modify the original geometry?

We can do this by modifying the "Part offset (CLE)" parameter.

This parameter is found in the "Details" tab of the geometry.

By default, the value that appears is "0" but if we want to leave an extra thickness, then we simply have to enter the desired value in the parameter and that's it.

For a cavity, a negative sign will produce a larger cavity, as can be seen in the figure below.

In a punch, the result will be the opposite, that is, a negative sign will produce a figure smaller than the original.

It should be noted that this parameter can be used for both 2-axis and 4-axis parts.

It is also interesting to note that this parameter affects the final resulting piece and is independent of the thread offset for each cut. In fact, each of the slices will have this parameter added to its particular offset value.

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Part offset (CLE)


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