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How to orientate a part as we wish

Use the icon "Snap View" tool to get a front view of a selected face or plane. You can also use the tool to move the highlighted face or plane to the top, bottom, right, or left.

The icon "Snap View” tool works on objects with one direction: planes, references, cones, toroidal shapes, curves and edges. For nonlinear curves, the direction between two ends determines the direction.

This tool can only be used in 3D mode and it is disabled with Sketch and Section modes.

  • Click on icon "Select" or press "S".
  • Click on icon "Snap view" in the group Orient inside Assembly tab.

Use the objects in the Design window to orient the view

Select face and frame it

Click and release on a plane, point, cone, toroidal shape, curve, or edge. If the object does not show a frontal orientation, it will rotate until the selected face is seen frontally, like this:

turn to front

If the object is already shown from the front, it will rotate 90 ° counterclockwise so that it is framed in the Design window, like this:

turn to frame

Change view

Click, drag, and drop a plane, cone point, torus, curve, or edge to flip it up, down, right, or left. If the object does not show a front orientation, it will rotate until the selected face is viewed frontally and is framed in the Layout window, like so:

turn to flip

If the object is already displayed head-on, it will rotate 90 ° in the direction of its drag, as shown below:

turn from front

Rotating the display

Click on any empty space to rotate the view 90° counterclockwise, like this:

turn counterclockwise

Repeat until you get the desired view.

This trick will help us to better orient ourselves in the part when we are designing or machining.

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