What's new in Fikus Visualcam 17

We show the main improvements in Fikus Visualcam 17

The new version of Fikus Visualcam, which makes already the number 17, and knicknamed "Ficus Elastica", brings many improvements in all applications, new features and developments to improve automation and productivity. The list of features is huge, but we want our customers and friends to know the main innovations of this version.


In the work environment there are no major changes, which is always appreciated, but new features and improvements are showing up:

  • Show the UCS name in the graphic screen.
  • Views according to the active UCS.
  • Zoom "All" does not take into account hidden entities and UCSs.
  • On-screen keyboard.
  • Posibilility to hide the application window frame.
  • Possibility to update from a file downloaded in another PC.
  • Automatic updates while starting Fikus.
On-screen keyboard

On-screen keyboard


diametral dimensioning

Diametral dimensioning

In the CAD module, we have worked on upgrading the wireframe 3D drawing; a new environment especially suited for lathe and some improvements in other functions:

  • New drawing mode specially developed for lathe, including a specific dimensioning function (diametral dimensioning).
  • New function, similar to "Center Geometry", but now for cylindrical parts.
  • Improvements in wireframe 3D drawing.
  • New options in gear function.
  • New minimum path algorithm choosing first point.

Data traslators

Besides updating all FikusStandard data translators (IGES, STEP, DXF, DWG, Parasolid, SolidWorks) and user functions that allow Cimatron and SolidWorks export geometry to Fikus, specific functions have been created for the 64-bit versions of these programs:

  • New translator for Cimatron 64 bits (C2F)
  • New translator for SolidWorks 64 bits (S2F)
  • Upade of all the standard data translators

2.5D Milling

Multiple news in the 2.5D Milling module, including:

  • Rapid feed in the machine definition to make the machining time calculation more accurate.
  • Possibility of sharing the tool table between all company systems.
  • New machine simulator, faster and more accurate.
  • Selection of size of the ISO toolholder in machine definition.
  • Importing machining processes from another Fikus file (machining templates).
  • New option for chamfering 2D contours in Profiling
  • Drill chamfering with conical tool, entering the chamfer height.
  • Spot drill to intermediate diameter.
  • Finishing with option By Zones / By Levels.
  • Drill Wizard: Automatic detection of through / blind hole and chamfered drills.
  • GAP for electrode machining.
  • “T” tools reformulation.
  • Separated “Guide” surface selection.
  • Possibility of editting the toolpath origin (UCS).
  • Drag mill geometry directly into the groups.
  • Improved sorting by minimum path selecting a first element.
  • Specific key to calculate.

3D Milling

New application for multisurface full 3D machining, including all the necessary functions for roughing, finishing and remachine a piece. All functions listed below have multiple options to adapt the calculation to your needs and preferences.

path manager

Milling path manager


Machining manager with stock

Machining manager with stock

Improvements in general, and besides from the specific drawing new environment and a new lathe specific view to better match the lathe technology application:

  • Rapid feed in the machine definition to make the machining calculation time more accurate.
  • Possibility to share the tool table between other users and computers.
  • New machining simulator, faster and more precise.
  • Add the default lathe view (ZX+ or ZX-) in machine configuration.
  • Chucks with name according to orientation.
  • Gouge checking for slot tools angles.
  • New algorithm to generate the revolution contour.
  • Improvements in the automatic selection of zones.
  • User tolerance in automatic zone selection in wizard.
  • Specific key to calculate.

Wire EDM

Plenty of news in the wire EDM module, between them:

  • Import toolpaths from another Fikus file (Machining Templates).
  • Suppress loops automatically.
  • Improvements in the Collar Wizard.
  • Technology change point defined by user
  • Possibility to shift the entry motion for each cut
  • Different types for the entry / exit movement.
  • Possibility to define the remnant value as a percentage of the contour length.
  • Leaned Autofix (triangular section remnant) for AgieCharmilles machines with Millennium CNC.
  • Synchro lines by minimum distance.
  • New function to propose optimum area for No-Core-Cut thread in.
  • New Wizards for Ona Prima, Sodick Mark 25, Joemars and AgieCharmilles Millennium machines.
  • User technologies support in AgieVision I and II.
  • Access to AgieCharmilles technology database without the user of CT-Expert.
  • New options in Mitsubishi and Ona Arion wizards.
  • Possibility to change the toolpath zero point.
  • Improvements in the function to calculate the minimum path.
  • Specific key to calculate.